Virginia Woolf once said, “If you do not tell the truth about yourself, you cannot tell it about other people." So this is where I begin the long arduous journey of sharing my truth. It is where the images I make and the reasons I have for making them come together. 



Reclaiming What's Important in This Election

This post is for the people who are tired. I am so tired. Tired of being mad and outraged…at something new…every day. Tired of judging and feeling judged.  Tired of feeling hurt, indignant and on some days, half crazy with grief over this madness.

At the end of this election, one person will have the power bestowed upon them by the highest office in the world. We can't change that but there is something more important we can change. We can refuse to give up the power to harden our hearts against each other. We can refuse to contribute the power of our cynicism, sarcasm and derision towards our neighbors. We can insist on looking for ways to see the humanity in each and every person, no matter what their opinion.

Believe me, I understand how challenging that is. I'm no pollyanna idealist. And I'm not saying you should give up your personal convictions. Have your convictions. And, after thorough vetting and research, vote your conscience. But we must find a way to return to that part of us that is kind, patient, respectful. Regardless of who occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for the next four years, we all still have to live with each other.  We have to stand in line at the grocery store with each other. We have to sit across the table at Thanksgiving. So, what if we stop contributing to the vitriol in our own small corner of the universe? Resist the urge to share that nasty meme on Facebook. Resist the urge to write that brilliant but cruel comeback on someone else's post. Because all these little bits of meanness we spread matter. They contribute to building a world that I know none of us actually want.

What if we did have an uprising? But not just over economic policy, gun control or immigration. What if the uprising was "We will not let you make us crazy. We refuse to be the angry, scared people you are asking us to be. We refuse to spread more fear and anger in the world. Sit up there and make a mockery of this country on the world stage if you must, but we will not join you in this race to the bottom."

And with that off my chest, I'll share just a tiny fraction of the beautiful humans I've had the pleasure of meeting around the world the past couple of years. They remind me of who I am at my best and make me think bigger and better thoughts for our world.